Top 3 humanitarian aid groups reviewed

There’s no shortage of amazing organizations out there looking to make a positive difference in the world. As many humanitarian aid groups as there are, there’s never close to enough, and we could always do with a few more do-gooders looking to help those in need.

The choice to make the world a better place always starts from a single individual: you could be the head of the next great humanitarian group that changes the world for the better, but you could end up doing just as much good as a volunteer for one of the already-established organizations. Here are the top 3 humanitarian aid groups reviewed, although each member of the category is worthy of praise.

Humanitarian Aid Groups

Red Cross: You’ve probably heard of this massive humanitarian organization that’s been around for over a century. What started as an army aid group quickly expanded to become one of the strongest forces of good on a global level. These days, Red Cross offices and operatives can be found everywhere: from impoverished parts of the U.S. to destitute parts of Europe all the way to Africa and the Middle East. Likewise, their mission evolved from ‘merely’ helping with wartime issues to providing assistance to everyone who needs it, from the poor and sickly to those who are down on their luck and need some support. If you’d like to become a member of the Red Cross, you’ll have no trouble finding an office near you and the requirements are fairly lax – all that matters is a clear desire to help people.

Salvation Army: For some reason, the Salvation Army doesn’t seem to get nearly as much praise as it should. Perhaps some of it stems from the fact that it’s essentially a religious organization, more specifically a Christian one – many people have a problem with religion and have a feeling that working for religious groups would be a step towards indoctrination. Others might have an issue with the organization’s army-styled system of command, ranks and everything. But no matter your opinion on the specifics, one thing is clear – in the last 150-some years since its foundation, the Salvation Army has done more good than most aid groups can ever hope to. It focuses on receiving donations that are converted to food, medicine and shelter for those most in need, and the group could always use additional volunteers for its cause.

UNICEF: They say that children are our future, and the good people at UNICEF agree wholeheartedly. Short for United Nation’s Children’s Fund, the group specializes in improving the present and future of children in over 190 countries around the world, be it by finding them better-suited homes, providing them with a proper education or simply by ensuring they have unlimited access to food and water. While it’s been running ‘only’ for around 60 years, UNICEF made the most of this time and is now the premier children’s aid organization in the world, their impact being felt in virtually every area of the globe no matter how prosperous it might be.